Fees – Effective 01/01/18

Savings Fees

Type Fee
Account History $2.00
Account Closed within 6 Months of Opening $10.00
Inquiry Fee (per page) $1.00
Returned Deposit $25.00
Savings Account Minimum – Balance Fee (below $50.00) $2.00

Checking Fees

Type Fee
Account History $2.00
Certified Draft $5.00
Draft Printing Charge (varies by style and quantity of checks ordered)
Overdraft Charge (non-sufficient funds) $30.00
ACH Overdraft Charge $30.00
ATM Overdraft Charge $30.00
Debit Card Overdraft Charge $30.00
Share Draft Photocopy $5.00
Share Draft Photocopy from Storage Facility $15.00
Stop Payment Fee $25.00
ACH Revoke Fee $25.00
Transfer Fee $4.50
Average Daily Balance Below $500.00 $2.00/month

Share Plus

Type Fee
Drafts Cleared per Month over 3 $15.00
Stop Payment $25.00

Christmas Savings

Type Fee
Early Withdrawal $10.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Type Fee
Dormant Account Fee $40.00
Visa Cash Advance $10.00
Bank Check Fee $4.00
Copy of Statement $5.00
Skip Pay (consumer loans) $10.00
Returned Statement (bad address) $10.00
Returned to Sender Notice $5.00
Account Research (per hour) $35.00
Minimum charge for 1⁄4 hour research $10.00
ATM/Debit Replacement Card $10.00
ATM Withdrawal or Transfer (foreign ATMs only) $2.50
Transactions at Census FCU ATMs FREE
ATM/Debit Replacement PIN $5.00
Attachment Processing Fee $50.00
ATM/Debit Card Express Delivery $35.00
Processing Foreign Draft $25.00
Modification of Deed of Trust $500.00
Subordination Agreement $75.00
Money Order Fee (per item) $4.00
Outgoing MemberWire $25.00
Incoming MemberWire $20.00
Traveler’s Checks (1.00% of total purchase)
Dual Traveler’s Checks (1.75% of total purchase)
Temporary Checks (per check) $1.00
Gift Traveler’s Checks (any denomination) $2.50
Verification of Deposit (for mortgages) $15.00
Redicash/Premier Line of Credit Advance $2.50
Notary Fees (first 5 pages notarized free and $4.00 for each additional page)
Auto Lien Release (second occurrence) $10.00
Mortgage Lien Release (second occurrence) $40.00
Loan Due Date Change (per loan) $5.00
Negative Balance (more than 3 business days) $25 each occurrence