For the Finest in Financial Services, Turn to CENSUS

We are a credit union. As a rule, credit unions offer low interest rates on loans, high interest rates on savings accounts and lower (and fewer) fees than other financial institutions charge. CENSUS Federal Credit Union is no exception to this rule!

Unlike banks, which exist to make money for their stockholders, credit unions exist to meet the financial needs of their members. We’re cooperatives — not-for-profit, democratically run organizations of people who have banded together to give ourselves a better deal than we’re going to get from profit-driven financial institutions. How much better a deal? According to independent studies, you can save between $200 and $500 a year by joining a credit union. The more services you use, the more you save!

A Safe Place for Your Money

Looking for a safe place for your savings? Look no further. Each member’s deposits are federally insured to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF). IRAs are insured separately by the NCUSIF to an additional $250,000.

The Best Place to Borrow

We make loans for every worthwhile purpose with low rates and flexible terms so your budget can handle the monthly payment. We offer payroll deduction or direct deposit for easy repayment and we’ll never charge a penalty for early payoff. In fact, we encourage it!

We’ll Make Managing Your Money Easy, Too!

Busy lifestyle? Moving out of the area? At CENSUS we have financial products that work together so that you can conduct business conveniently, when time and place don’t cooperate with business hours.

Become a Member

All you have to do to begin enjoying all the benefits of membership is open a share savings account with us. You can start your savings account with the purchase of one share. (The current value of one share is $50.00.) Once you join, you’re a member for life — even if you change jobs, retire or move away from the area — as long as you keep at least one share in your account. Only employees of certain organizations or current members’ relatives can join CENSUS Federal Credit Union. Not sure whether you’re eligible? Contact one of our member service representatives. They’ll be happy to check.

Become a Member. Experience the Benefits of Belonging.

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